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Source code line count software for programmers and project managers

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Practiline Source Code Line Counter - an easy-to-use application for counting source code lines.


The following features are available:

  • Choice of folder and addition of files from the program without additional dialogues;

  • Simultaneous support of all format types;

  • Free selection of available formats;
    Definition of file format by its type (extension);

  • Advanced report export (printing, saving as pdf, doc and other formats, copying to clipboard);

  • Saving and loading of profiles for various users;

  • Displaying available profiles as menu;

  • Full report on the code:

    • number of source code lines

    • number of blank lines

    • number of comment lines

    • number of mixed lines (code and comments)

    • percentage of comments, blanks and source code

  • Sorting the report by any column of the table;

  • Copying a selected part of the report to clipboard;

  • Counting totals in the report (sum total, percentage).


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